Pyramid, a Soviet ghost town in the middle of the Empire polar bear !!! In just one century, the pyramid is based, flourished and remained trapped in silence. About 1,300 kilometers from the North Pole, the Špicberškim Islands, is the village in which today lives only one person – Vladimir Prokofiev, tourist guide who is there to Svalbard visitors met with an interesting history of this corner of the world. The town was named after a nearby mountain in the shape of a pyramid – Scandinavians called it a pyramid, a pyramid Soviets. 1910, Sweden was founded this town, and seventeen years later sold it to the Soviet Union, when he followed the golden era of the pyramid. In this famous mining town at that time there were about a thousand people, mostly miners and their families, and it is still owned by the Russian state company Trust Arktikugol. However, work is progressing all the worse, and coal was last removed from the pyramid on 31 March 1998. Therefore, its inhabitants started to leave, and the latter is moved out of the pyramid 10 October this year. The city has not recovered – he has become a “ghost town”. By 2007, the city was a ghost town, where the next two decades, other things not quite as they were its inhabitants left. Literally – the city frozen in time. The city is the northernmost piano in the world – “Red October”, located in the auditorium of the Cultural Center. Pyramid is also home to the northernmost monument to Vladimir Lenin and northernmost indoor pool on the planet. 


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