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Purple Passion

Purple is another color I’ve always liked and it is a color which is the combination of blue which gives stability and of red for energy. This color has long been associated with royalty. Purple symbolizes luxury, nobility, ambition, and power and it conveys extravagance and wealth. It is a color that has also been associated with creativity, dignity, independence, magic, mystery, and wisdom.

When it comes to the color purple we can find it in spirituality and it’s great to use when meditating as it soothes emotional and mental stress. It is a color that has long been a favorite among creative people as it is meant for those that are adventurous at heart with spiritual leanings and have a flair for drama. Purple is a combination of two other colors red and blue. It is the color red that brings off dynamic and active energy while the color blue brings with it a cooling, calming and passive feel. It is a color that has been associated with inspiration and imagination.

You can combine purple with other colors for different kinds of effects. Some terrific combinations are deep eggplant with neutral beige or tan tones. Quite a striking combination is purple and green and other eye-appealing combinations are pink and purple and red and purple and two which I much prefer purple and orange and purple and yellow.

Who could forget Prince and his song “Purple Rain”.

Different Shades of Purple:

Lavender – a light purple that has a tinge of blue and it is a shade of purple which is attracted to beautiful things and has sensitivity, vulnerability, and fragility.

Lilac – has a tinge of pink to it and it implies youthfulness, superficially, and immaturity. This shade of purple is enthusiastic, extroverted and inspires romance, vanity, and glamour.

Mauve – This color can be found somewhere between lilac and lavender and is supposed to be able to help us make the best choices and decisions.

Amethyst – This is quite a mystical color and it is known to protect the vulnerable and assist the humanitarian. It is the color of the evolved soul.

Plum – A sort of reddish-purple. Considered an old-fashioned color it is honorable and connected with family traditions. However, it can also be narrow-minded and prudish.

Deep Purple – A color that is associated with higher spiritual attainment. It is powerful and it can indicate ruthlessness and arrogance.

When it comes to purple foods among vegetables there are eggplants, red cabbage, and beets and among fruit, there are purple grapes, plums, and blackberries.

Finally, the one thing that comes to mind and that I dearly love to see every year in May are purple lilacs and their scent is so heady and wonderful.


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