Proving What? – 4

Ratty had married Gail to defy his parents, then realised she wasn’t what he wanted.

However, being Ratty, he couldn’t be honest or adjust.  Instead, he cheated constantly with every possible female.

On top of that, on top of his drinking,  Ratty hated to go home.

If your ever took a lift from Ratty, be  prepared to be the last to leave.  No matter how pointless or boring the function, it didn’t matter;, Ratty would always be  the last to leave.  Being away from Gail, even waiting in line at a gas station, was preferable to going home for Ratty.

And he didn’t hide the fact he hated to be home.

If he was out and  Gail with him, she’d keep up a grating conversation, a conversation directed at him alone. Gail would ignore whomever was present.   She did not speak to others, she would direct her diatribe to Ratty. And his answers were ‘Yes Dear’.

That she would be rude and exclusionary was not an accident.  She needed to prove she ‘owned’ him.  This is why one rarely saw them together.  It was only when they were together, he wore his leash.

When she wasn’t there, when he could get a little fresh air, he plunged into his freedom as if released from a cell.


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