Protests in Berlin Germany against Cornyflu Slavery

Saturday, 8.1.20

Protests continue in Berlin, Germany, because the Germans are fed up with this farce. They realize it is just a flu, and there is not need to call it a pandemic or plandemic. They want to move on with their life, treating it like any other flu. They realized this Cornyflu is being used to push other agenda to control it moron masses into slavery for the NWO agenda, which includes vaccines, microchip, face recognition methods, and cashless society.

#4 LIVE: Protesters rally against coronavirus measures in Berlin: Counter-protests expected

Saturday, August 1, 2020

In Berlin, Germany, many people marched the streets to end this cornyflu plandemic. Their slogans on banners read, “End of the Pandemic” and Day of Freedom.  They encountered an Anti-Nazi group along the way.

This video is very long because it was live in Berlin, Germany. It is the long version of the smaller videos above.


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