At what price will it ever stop?

I bring you some horrifying news on the day of Valentines  at a Fla school where 17 people have been killed & multiple have been injured & terrified from a shooting, a 18-19 yr old former student of the school did the crime.This is so hard to hear & see where we can’t trust when the next shooting will take place, our kids mean the world to us in everything we do for them & unfortunately this isn’t the 1st time that someone has done this sad act.

I ask you at WHAT price does it take to get a handle on this to protect kids at ANY & ALL schools? this shouldn’t be happening, but sadly it is & has & until we can get a handle on this tragic horrifying senseless act, there is no answers to get around this & protect our loving kids & families at risk. The families are in fear & need our prayers, thank you for your support.

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