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President of the United States Declares a Day of Prayer

I am going to take a leap of faith. I am going to publish my prayer. My hope is that those who disagree or find fault with this post will simply keep it to themselves. I am choosing to share something very special to me, a part of my soul. If you can’t say something nice, please say nothing at all. It’s not about earning pennies, upsetting others, it’s a look inside my heart as I have a conversation with the creator of my soul.

Our Father Who Are in Heaven, hallowed be your name,

“Father today I kneel before you today, with fear in my heart. I worry for my family and friends and recognize the panic that people are trying to process and the faith we are struggling to find. While we all know that death is a part of the plan, help us to be kind, be hopeful, reach out and support each other as we face uncertainty. Help us to remember why we are here and how we can heal by serving others and preparing for the things to come.

Father, I believe those who have gone before me know that I am scared. You know my fears. Please calm my heart, mind, and soul so that I can be helpful to my family and friends. Please open my heart so I can feel the love of those who have gone before. Perhaps it’s time for our Heavenly Mother, who no one really talks about, works overtime because sometimes what the soul needs is their mom.

Please calm my mind and heart. Please help me use logic and make sound decisions. Please give me the strength to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Please bring a sense of peace into my home, the hearts of the people who live here and create a sanctuary. Please help me listen a follow the promptings in my heart.

I could use some laughter and joy. I know that is important as well. I will find it and if you can send some that would be well received. (There is always time for a good laugh.)

Please help me remember that come what may, I have a heavenly family and if I still my heart inspirations can come.

In the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen click here


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