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Prepare To Cry, When You Hear His Amazing Voice

When I first heard this young man sing on X Factor, Great Britain, I was speechless and had to mop up more than a few tears. Nearly 7 million views on YouTube should be proof enough of this young man’s incredible raw talent, yet, unless you hear how he sings this famous, incredibly emotional and hauntingly beautiful song and why he chose to sing it, you will not be anywhere close to being prepared, I guarantee you!


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    • Here is some more information for you Woodywood about this incredible young man, At only 22 years old Josh Daniel has had a whirlwind year, racked up over 100 million hits on YouTube and taken the world by storm. With the voice of a man who has lived through a million memories, he conveys his emotions effortlessly and 2016 looks set to cement Josh’s place in the music industry. Born in Croydon and raised in Teesside, Josh found his true purpose in singing and performing arts. Honing and showcasing his talent saw Josh excel in achieving an astounding reputation on his local music scene, before bursting onto the global radar gaining international recognition and viral media coverage from his X Factor audition where he reduced Simon Cowell to tears and became the stand out star of the ITV show. Josh is currently in the studio refining what he describes as ‘honest music and relatable lyrics coupled with an authentic Pop RnB sound’ for his first album, the debut single from which is due for release in September this year.

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