Power Outage ~ Day 46 Accountability

Power outages changed everything. My day yesterday and this morning changed drastically with a power outage and I am going to consider it a blessing. We have generators that we can  gas up and get going. We decided that the pipes would not freeze for a while and we could save the gas and see if the power turned on soon.

My niece was coming to take my brother on a outing, so he was taken care of, it seemed like a good time to get some other things done. Almost every little thing I went to do  required power. So finally I moved all the clothes from the dresser and went through them. (That took some time as I did everyone in the house.) 

Then without notice family showed up and I said well we better go for a ride and see if there are any animals out because the house was getting chilly and I wasn’t really prepared to start up the generators yet, I was hoping the power would come back on.

We saw about 200 head of elk, at least 400 head of deer, 17 bald eagles  and 3 golden eagles. That ate up some time and it is something we all enjoy.

When we got back to the house the grandkids carried in their overnight bags and asked if they could stay. “Sure, of course, that’s perfect.”

Built fires in all the fireplaces and turned on one of the generators for the fridges and got out the board games. They were playing and I grabbed a notebook to get some writing done.

Then I bundled up and went out to work on the snow and ice removal issue. I left grandpa inside to play with the children.

Finally I caved in and got all the generators running so they could watch television, play on their tablets and I could vacuum. After everything was heated up nicely and they had played their games. We turned off the generators, started up the lanterns, read books, played board games, wrote and went about our normal business. Finally we went to bed.

Some time during the night the power came back on, I slept through it.  My brother is watching television, everyone else is asleep and me, I am trying to type up all the things I had written and find everything that got out of place when the power went out and we moved things around.

I did get the snow and ice moved, so it was a successful day.


What do you think?


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