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Pouring Out 5 Things That Inspire Me On Virily

As part of my daily goals, I committed to writing 5 things that inspire me on Virily.

Music that I find here often inspires me. 

Pictures that I find here often inspire me.

Once in a while, there is humor here that inspires me.

Kindness often inspires me.

Resilience here has been inspiring over time.

I think I am going to end my virily day with this song. It was one of my Mom’s favorites and something I think of often.

Typically I would spend much more time here, but something today is amiss in my heart and mind. I am not certain what is around the corner, and still, I feel the need to stop and spend some extra time with my family. I hope you find great things in your world today to celebrate.



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  1. It could be the taxes as you say and very few people I have met believe what I’m going to share here but to me and my family, it’s real enough. Sometimes in the wake of a sense of foreboding or feelings of dread, we received tidings of trauma or death of a loved one, only to discover that the incident had taken place at the point of death or within moments of it. Coíncidence? Perhaps. I’m suggesting, that it’s not always your own emotions but could have been projected or channeled to you. Whatever, If there is a hereafter, we shall all see if the 90 million registered afterlife accounts were real or figments of fertile imaginations. I hope you are okay again.


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