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Police officer called a hero after he saved a baby from choking

Fort Pierce Police Officer Jorge Goz is being called a hero for using his wits to assist the parents of a six day old girl who was choking on what was milk in her throat.

Officer Goz was able to trace on his cruiser a 911 call that the parents and the grandmother of the baby were traveling at high speed toward the local hospital.

At least Officer Goz understand why the parents of the child and her grandmother were rushing at high speed to take their baby to a local hospital.

What Officer Goz did was relay a message to two police cruisers to slow down the speeding auto until he was able to arrive and see what he could do to revive the six year old girl who at this time was at death’s door.

Officer Goz who has been trained in CPR training took the child and use his skills of hitting the back of the baby until she was able to spit out mucus and milk that was trapped inside her throat as the child started to cry.

The baby whose name is Alybree DeJesus Cerda was taken to a local hospital to stay overnight until she was dispatched the next day.

The grandmother of the baby who is Argelia Quiroga is thankful that Officer Goz was sent by God to save the life of her granddaughter.

Officer Goz has become great friends with the family of Alybree to the point that he will visit her relatives to teach them CPR and first aid skills.

Now that is a great officer who lives by his commitment to serve and protect the person in his community.

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