Police cadets find a two year old girl who was lost in the woods

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Kamiyah Vicks, 2, had been reported missing by her relatives on Tuesday evening when she left her home in Port Wentworth Georgia.

Let me just say that Kamilyah must have had a Guardian Angel to watch over her since she wandered into the woods near the home where she lives with her relatives.

It took law enforcement officials from the Savannah Police Department as well as firefighters and volunteers to search the woods to hope to find Kamiyah alive and well after she was alone in the woods for a period of 15 hours.

Police cadets with the Savannah Police Departments heard the cries of what appeared to be a child when the police cadets were able to find Kamiyah in the woods alive and well around 30 minutes past noon on Wednesday.

The timing to find Kamiyah alive was critical since the weather in Port Wentworth was very hot which could have caused been her demise due to heatstroke.

Since the police cadets were wearing body cameras to record the rescue of Kamiyah who was okay except for scrapes on her legs.

Kamiyah was reunited to her relatives safe and sound thanks to the teamwork of the law enforcement, volunteers and firefighters who never gave up on their rescue mission of the missing two year old child for some unknown reason left her home to take a walk into the woods.


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  1. The infamous Darien Gap is a very dangerous place since there are known terrorists from Colombia who are not afraid to take out anyone who gets into their area.

    • You are correct sine her relatives should know that children are curious creatures and are willing to leave the home to see what their world looks like.