Playing Him Like a Piano – part 28

Jeremiah took Kat to the Basketball game. She acted as if she was having the time of her life. She listened to the shouts, the opinions, trying to follow the game until it was over.

Jeremiah spoke about incidents and because she had ‘studied’ was able to respond sensibly.

Although he had stuffed his face during the match he wanted to stop for some junk food on the way home.

She was easy. Not particularly hungry, she ordered a small fries, eating two of them, and letting Jerry eat the rest.

She could not care less how fat he got or how unhealthy he ate.  As long as he lived long enough to marry her and put her name on the house.

They went home, and she yawned and said she had to go to sleep, she was so tired.

She got into her room and took a breath.

Could she put up with Fat Slob Jerry for seven years?’


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Written by jaylar

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