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Playing Hide and Seek

If there was one thing which I loved more than anything else it was playing hide and seek. However, being an only child I didn’t get to play it too often. My mom discovered that a rousing game of hide and seek just before my 9 PM bedtime was a great way to get me tired enough to go to bed. So at around 8:30 each evening mom and I would play hide and seek. Being small I could get into the most amazing places. Mom usually didn’t hide she just looked for me. It was a short game but fun all the same.

Not far from our apartment building in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York was a church with a high bell tower which rang every hour. So you could be sure that mom knew when it was nine because the church bells told her so. Well, one evening I discovered a super place to hide. In the bathroom on top of a corner of the bathtub with the shower curtain wrapped around me. There I waited. Sure enough, mom came and went and I still wasn’t found.

Suddenly those bells began to chime and I wondered if I shouldn’t let mom know where I was when I heard her talking to dad. She was very upset and crying saying that perhaps I had fallen out of the window because she couldn’t find me anywhere. Dad, of course, told her that it was nonsense that I just had found a very good hiding place. Well, when I heard all of this I knew that if I didn’t say something now I would be in hot water. So I finally called out to mom and told her where I was. She was so glad to see me that I got away with it this time. Afterward, I picked places where she was sure to find me eventually because I didn’t want to have her stop the hide and seek games.

A photo of my mom and me in the summertime out in the Catskills.


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