Planning to Move to Australia? Here's Everything About The Immigration Process

There are several overseas notary public services and immigration process facilitators and ideally, one of them should be your first touchpoint in your quest to move to a foreign country. Migrating to another country from your motherland can always be a major decision in your life.  Every nation has its set of rules to determine eligibility criteria for immigration. Similarly, nations also have different types of visas for each category of immigrants and these usually work visas, Student visas, permanent residency visas, Holiday visas, Couple visas, Tourist Visa, Postgraduate Visa, and Skilled visa etc. Each category of visa is governed by specific conditions prescribed for the purpose and applicants must satisfy every condition applicable to the type of visa he/she is applying for.  Once you know the type of visa that is suitable to your pursuit, you must gain a complete understanding of all the requirements and comply with them keeping in mind that you are not at liberty to skip any part of the questions as irrelevant.

Among the most important tenets of migrating to another country is ensuring that every bit of information that you provide to another government is true in letter and spirit. After arriving at your destination if your host nation finds out that you have willfully suppressed material facts, you could land yourself in serious trouble including potential legal action. Never ever put yourself into such a situation for any reason whatsoever.  Similarly, acquainting yourself with the culture of the foreign land you are seeking to step in, some working knowledge of the local language when relevant, and similar nitty-gritty.

Consider an Australian visa as a key that will open up the doors to the nation with all the opportunities available. But, before granting you the visa, the Australian Government should know you at close quarters, your origin, your personal information, the duration that you want to stay in Australia, whether you are coming alone or with your spouse or others, your skill sets, the purpose for which you are seeking the visa and more.

Visa defined

A visa is a document issued to you by a foreign country authorizing your entry into the nation as a foreigner into their borders for work, study, vacation, residency, accredited specialist, holidaying etc. Each type of visa comes with a set duration and a price with specific covenants. The best way to ensure that you make no mistakes in processing the paperwork is by identifying an accredited overseas notary public services or immigration process facilitators operating from Australia. Another option before you is to find an Australian consulate or embassy in your country and speak to them for guidance.

Representative visa types:

Student visa

If you plan to pursue higher education in Australia the student visa allows you to enrol for an appropriate course of study and also work part-time to fund your study expenses. The minimum duration of any chosen course of study should be 12 weeks. However, the duration of your visa will include an additional few weeks for vacation. The exact number of bonus weeks will vary according to the duration of your course.

A major advantage with this type of visa is that there is no age limit set nor are you required to prove minimum English level. Further, your partner may also accompany you and work part-time. Presently, the price of this visa is $620 AUD.

The applicant’s nationality and personal profile are the primary considerations for the issue of this visa. Your application should be carefully prepared to factor in every detail and an overseas notary public services or immigration process facilitators can be of great help to you in wading through the application process. During the enrolment process, the particular school will also issue you a COE code and that will form part of your visa application. Similarly, if you are pursuing a vocational, you will need an accredited level of English.  You may be permitted to work for 20 hours a week during the study period and 40 hours per week during your bonus vacation period.

Work and Holiday

Work and holiday is a popular type of Visa in Australia.  With this visa, you can work and also study simultaneously for one year.  However, on the downside, the number of visas issued every year is limited by your country of origin and you should be ahead in the queue while applying and meet several requirements.

To apply for this visa you should be 18 years of age at the minimum and 30 years of age at the maximum. (The maximum limit may move up to 35 years soon). You should also hold a return ticket bought from your country of origin or alternatively have evidence that you have adequate financial resources to do it.  Further, you should have a functional knowledge of English and your spouse/children are not permitted to accompany you.

This visa presently costs you $485 AUD.  Check with an overseas notary public services or immigration process facilitators to understand what limitations apply to your country.

Applications for this visa open on 1 July every year and generally you can make an online application with the following documents:-

  • Certified copy of passport
  • 2 copies of passport size photographs (put your name at the back if you are applying by snail mail)
  • Copy of English certificate
  • Copy of higher education/certificate of grades (If final qualifying certificate is pending)
  • Australian government’s letter of support
  • Correctly filled EI 1028 form
  • Copy of bank account showing a minimum credit of $5,000 AUD
  • Copy of round trip tickets ( or proof of adequate credit balance in your bank account)


Migrating to another country is entirely different from visiting your friend in another city or town within your own country. Most nations, including Australia, treat their immigrants with dignity and respect. However, it is incumbent on you to return the same level of dignity and respect to your host nation and all the covenants designed to protect you and the host’s national interests.


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