The Plain Sister – 2

When Kerry was fourteen boys were falling all over themselves to date her.

Mommy sneered; “They want to buy you lunch?  Fine.  After school they want to buy you dinner. Fine. But please don’t lower yourself to letting them kiss you or touch you so they can brag about it to their friends.”

Kerry listened. There were boys wanting to take her to the movies, and a weekend matinee was alright. They wanted to go with her to some sports event, fine.  But no kissing, no touching.

Mommy added; “It  is enough for a boy to have you sitting next to him.”

Kerry accepted this as creed.

I didn’t have dates, unless going with a group to a museum or planetarium counted. My friends were all as unattractive as I felt I was, so we went to movies together, to sporting events. I never had anything like a date.

When I was in college, I didn’t even think about social life, I thought about taking as many subjects as I could, getting the highest grades I could so that I could get into a Master’s program.

Kerry was in High School, going out with this one, then that one, then the other, but not allowing the common boys to touch her.

They could pay her bills, they could drive her all over the place and buy her things, but she wouldn’t ‘pay’ for anything.

At first I felt bad for the boys who wasted their money and time,  then I realised what they were doing.


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Written by jaylar

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