Pit bull saves the lives of her owner from a fire

When the breed Pit Bull comes to the mind of an average person, the first thought usually is that Pit Bulls are mean monsters who would bite anyone who invades their yard.

However an eight month female Pit Bull named Sasha is proof that we should never judge all dogs of one breed as monsters.

Just before midnight on Sunday, Sasha who is eight months of age starting to bark excessively in the backyard of the home of Latana Chai who lives in a fourplex residence in Stockton California which disturbed Latana to the point of going to leave her bedroom to see what is making Sasha bark a lot to the point that her beauty sleep was being interrupted.

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When Latana saw what was happening in her backyard, she was shocked to see a fire starting in her neighbors residence.

Latana then went to check on the welfare of her daughter Masailah who is seven months of age who was alerted to get out of her bed by Sasha who was holding her by her diaper as a way of saying “Let us get out of here and fast.”

Latana called 911 to report the fire in her next door neighbors residence to the Stockton Fire Department.

The Stockton Fire Department then answered the emergency call to put out the fire in the residence where Latana, Masailah and Sasha were staying at.

The firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. The sad part was that the house was severely damaged from the house fire.

The cause of the fire is being investigated by the authorities. However since Sasha did alert her owner and her daughter to get out of the house that was burned down, they will be able to land on their feet soon to find new housing.

A house that is burned down can be replaced, a human life that is lost cannot be replaced.

Sasha has earned the right to be called a heroine in Stockton California and not a monster breed of dog.


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