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Pirates of the Caribbean.

Robin Biznis November 24.2019 Belgrae, Serbia

This movie with John Depp in the lead role is itself an association for the next story.This is a modern story with the Gulf of Guinea. The crash happened last week at sea near the southern Gulf of Guinea.The ship, named “Varden”  company “Exon Mobile”,  had a crew of 15 people of different nationalities. The ship was carrying oil and was heading to its destination when a pirate ship intercepted it 12 nautical miles from the coast.Eight sailors were able to hide from the attackers.The other seven, as well as the cargo ship, were abducted by the pirates.The pirates will ask for the kidnapped sailors’ money for their release. The question is whether all the sailors will be able to be free again or will the pirates kill them if they don’t get the money.That area the southern rim of the Gulf of Guinea is known as one of the world’s hotspots where pirates operate smoothly.And now I wonder how with this modern technology we have, tracking GPS ships, about logging and storing these vessels with fast speedboats, helicopters, it happens almost every day.Well, do some lovely eyes on one eye.Who does modern-day narratives work for?There seem to be many more questions than answers.


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