Allen & Ginter (American, Richmond, Virginia) Captain Kidd, Burying Treasure, from the Pirates of the Spanish Main series (N19) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes, ca. 1888 American, Commercial color lithograph; Sheet: 1 1/2 x 2 3/4 in. (3.8 x 7 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Jefferson R. Burdick Collection, Gift of Jefferson R. Burdick (Burdick 201, N19.9)

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Pirate Hung By Chains

Notorious pirate Captain William Kidd started out as a Scotsman who became a leading citizen of New York City and was active in the building of Trinity Church. His pirate career started when he was assigned to rid the seas of pirates.

At first, he was a reluctant pirate even though his crew voted him in as captain. After attacking an East India Company ship Captain Kidd suddenly discovered that he was being hunted for this deed. He buried some of his treasure on Gardiners Island, hoping the goods could be used for bargaining.

However, when both he and his wife were captured in Boston, Massachusetts Captain Kidd was sent to England for trial. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Unfortunately, the noose used to hang him broke twice but once he was dead on the third hanging attempt his body was doused with tar and hung by chains along the Thames River. It is believed that his treasure is buried somewhere in the Caribbean.


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