Pink Lake

Pink Lake … Pink Lake Spain or “colored” lake is located in the Las Salinas in Torrevieja, Alicante Province, Spain. Las Salinas de Torrevieja is one of the most impressive natural parks and located near the second water reserve known as Laguna de la Mata.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja area is 1400 hectares and is separated from the Laguna de la Mata anticlines (play stratified rock lifted above), known as chaparral, or are both connected to the ocean through a channel known as Acequión. This channel was created in order to obtain salt from the ocean in the 13th century. As a legacy of its past, a huge mountain of salt are piled high along the coast. Particularly noteworthy is the one lake, with its pink bojom.Ali strange sight is not caused by a host of unnatural ingredients. This is actually the work of bacteria and algae.


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