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Pieces Of A Tree – At The Lounge

And again…


When Jazzing saxxy

The morning moments

are as the ‘Romaunt of the rose’,

Croissants no toast

While I’m scented with the richness 

of her crema caffeine’s roast…

At the light of day

She brew

He brew

We brew

Cafe au lait,  

Then I sup a cuppa that’s wetter

than the morning dew…


Blown up to the moon

I get a jones in my bones

The enhancer like Mansa Musa

when I’m flown up to that high…

De la crème

So much panache

Like a Jewel like a gem

Soft n’ slow

I smooth in to her mousse,

My, my, my,

She’s soothing I can’t deny

Her percussion’s a discussion

kinder to my mind…

Jazzing the saxxy

we’re dancing to the future

Tasting on this dream

Set aflame

Our hearts afire

While in these moments of Romaunt

Cafe au lait  

The sweetest of soufflés 

A night into day

We play and we play


Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

Then again…


Charging out as beams of light

I feel her calling out to me 

She spreads her tethers

like they’re wings 

Diamonds in her eyes they shine,

I hear her searching everywhere…

Enthralled by my lover within

She’s panting with desire,

I try 

I do

I hide the fire

I sets it icier  

But more she gets wiser,

She brings the moon

beside the waters

Into her deep there

She’s enchanting me to drift…

She blows her kisses 

out like drones 

As if they’re hunting down a felon,

Just as casting of the nets

her stimulation’s the feen,

All so scary 

It’s also serene

When the vibing’s out like arrows

darting into the heart of things…

Enraptured by her charms 

when she exudes personality

It’s so amazing

I’m gazing an angel

Like a morning bird who sings

I hear her calling out to me, 

Tho standing still 

It feels like I’ve been running for miles,

Hiding in the dark 

holding onto shadows

Underneath these stars

Now that I’m awake fortified to fly

How long can I ever escape 

from the glory of her love…

 Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil

Till again…

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  1. Wow, double our pleasure with these. Amazing words and I always get lost in your writings. I could hear the sax playing in the background as I read along. Always nice to read your poems and be taken away.

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