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Patriotic Child

This the story behind the picture you see. In the picture, you see a room, artwork, and a child. The painting behind me on the wall was painted by famous Latvian artists Friedrichs Milts, who was among the Latvian immigrants who arrived in New York City in the early 1950s.

My dad was an art lover and he would invest money in artwork since many Latvian artists were his friends and he bought their artwork at a fraction of the cost. Years later I sold this painting to one of my best friends since she too wanted to invest in artwork and she had two growing children whom she could leave the artwork to.

Next up the child who is me at the age of five. I had been tubbed and scrubbed and put in my jammies. The next thing you know is that I had jumped on my parent’s bed and grabbed some baby powder. Holding the powder over my head I announced that I was The Statue of Liberty.

Now I have told you I was being raised in two cultures – Latvian and American. I already knew that one of the most recognized landmarks in the capital of Latvia, where I lived, Riga was The Freedom Statue. This statue depicts a lady rising high in the sky with arms stretched upward holding three shining stars symbolizing three regions in Latvia.

However I chose my homeland and I guess I had a real patriotic urge so The Statue of Liberty, I was and dad grabbed the camera right on time.


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