Past Relationships

I want to know how you would feel if out of the blue you were contacted by an old girlfriend or boyfriend. Back in high school for some reason unknown to me, I was swept off my feet by one of the most handsome and most popular boys in our class. Of course, I fell head over heels in love with him. Remember these were the teen years when most of us don’t really have our heads screwed on too tight.

The great thing was that our small circle of friends was able to listen to music, enjoy ourselves, and be together in my mom’s apartment. Her apartment became “teen central” and the other parents also loved this because they knew where we all were and could get in touch with us at any time we were there. We were the good kids – no drugs, no heavy metal just good clean fun.

Anyway getting back to the basic topic about past relationships eventually me and my boyfriend drifted apart as it often happens. Hollywood would like us to believe that all high school sweethearts get married and stay together. Well, I started writing online and I also joined FB. One day I opened up my email and nearly fell from my chair. There it was a message that asked if I would accept a FB friend invite from my high school boyfriend. We became friends online and I was so glad to discover that he had found the love of his life and had raised a very lovely family.

On a sad note due to health issues, he passed away last October.

Here is an incredible picture of me and him heading for the Senior Prom


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