Party Hangout at a Graveyard

Wednesday, 10.31.18

The last day of October is Halloween, and it happens to be on a Wednesday, the day of woe. I hope nothing bad happens today. I woke up early and ate my breakfast. Then, I realized that there is no classes today at the gym because of Halloween. I turned on my computer to do some research. I also noticed that I received my fourth gift at IMVU for the Halloween Day countdown. Today, I received the Graveyard Hangout, which is a room you can decorate. But it is a dark, nighttime scene in the graveyard. I decided to add my other three recent gifts. I took some snapshots.

Into the woods, on a dark night in IMVU…

I try to make my way between trees and fog…toward the gates ahead…

I decide to enter these gated community…

I browse inside this graveyard, noticing that skulls and bones have been arranged in some kind of ritualistic form.

It appears that 13 people have been recently murdered. I wonder who were sacrificed this time?

It is quiet here among the dead…My dog and I decide to climb a tree and hang out at branches.

We meditate for the dead…

We continue meditating over the dead…

I decide to add my other recent Halloween gifts…

Trick or Treat? A cart of sweet snacks for the dead?

My new pumpkinhead mask with witch hat and Boo selfie structure…I am relaxing inside the 2nd O letter.


What do you think?


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