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Paramedics do a wonderful job

It never fails to amaze me how paramedics fight tirelesly to save the lives of those who are, injured, sick and dying. Recently a little girl broke her leg and the helicopter shown in the picture airlifted her to a children’s hospital by landing in a field in front of my house which was close to her home.

If I could have my time over again I would choose to do something like this because it is such a worthwhile job. The paramedics have saved the life of my son before now and to me it was such a big deal which I will always be grateful for but to them it is all in a day’s work, probably just one of many lives they had saved in their working week.

Thank you guys for all the amazing work you do.


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Written by Linda Mansfield

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  1. We don’t have a good paramedic system in place here, but I see how doctors fight for the lives of patients in ER. My son was in er for almost 6 months and there were times he would be so upset that someone died despite their best efforts.

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