Palestinians Fight Back For a Free Palestine

Sunday, 6.6.21

Peaceful protests and rallies continue worldwide, as Zionist Israeli police arrest Palestinian activists, include journalists, to silence them into submissiveness. 

#2 ‘We will let you shut up’: Givara Budeiri recounts arrest by Israeli police

Palestinian Journalist Givara Budeiri was arrested by Zionist Israeli police. She has injuries from her experience because they were abusing her and treating her roughly. She works for Al Jazeera. She is finally released, explaining her arrest to Al Jazeera.

The police kicked her so much that they broke her arm. The other arm is sore because they tightened the handcuffs too much.

Innocent kids in the police office were treated like criminals for doing nothing.


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  1. I believe it’s the other way around. Palestinian Arabs do not recognize Jews and Israel as a sovereign nation. They are the ones who chant, “Death to Israel!” non-stop. Israelis have every right to defend themselves and live in peace and safety.

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