Outcast, Undefined yet Diligent Workers

Last quarter of 2014 and year 2015, hiring of Non-Uniformed Personnel in Philippine National Police boomed. Computer Operators and Radio Operators were hired as support staff of the Uniformed Personnel.

Hired for the purpose of assisting office personnel in the daily operation related to computer operations. For a more faster sending and accomplishing compliance as mandated by the higher headquarters and other urgent compliance needed for urgent reporting. Update the e-system such as e-blotter for more accurate reporting of crime statistics, e-rogue and e-warrant to be able to track down criminals. These are most of the functions of the Non-Uniformed Personnel (NUP).

During the campaign of Pres. Duterte, he promised to raise the salary of the Uniformed Personnel. When he won, after a year, the promise was transferred to black and white fulfilling his promise, indeed, their salaries were doubled.

NUPs are civilian employees, covered by Civil Service, with a duty of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. But, in the exigency of duty and service, NUPs serve more than the 8 hours of duty, sometime more overtime are done instead of enjoying holidays and breaks. Even Saturdays and Sundays, if the service is needed, NUP will report on time. Programs and activities mostly are done by NUPs, behind the curtain of the every successful accomplishment is an NUP that struggled so much to be able to complete the Project Proposals, programs, certificates and even the hosting, are packages done by NUPs. We NUPs dedicate our lives to serve and assist the Uniformed Personnel (up).

The question that lingers in our very mind is: WHY IS IT THAT DURING THE INCREASE IN BENEFITS, NUPs WERE FORGOTTEN BY THE UPs?

We thought NUPs and UPs are from same organization, why is it that during the process of increase in salary, no higher official includes their partner in compliance, programs and activities. We are riding in tandem in making accomplishments, why is it that we are left outcast? Are our service not worth of what you are experiencing right now?

Yes, we are covered by Civil Service, but we are under one organization, unless we are undefined. When other government employees increase, we are not included because we are from PNP. How frustrating.


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