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Organization is the Best Solution

The best thing you can do while working online is to always be completely organized. So that if anything occurs and you cannot get online for a week you can catch up rather quickly. I have several notebooks always on hand. In them, I write what I post, when, and on which site. Let me explain how it all works for me.

I have four blogs that I post to at least once a week. I do content and freelance writing work and have deadlines so I make sure I have the time for that and finally I try to get on the sites I write for at least every other day. Everything gets saved on my PC and gets recorded in my notebooks. At any time I can tell anyone when I did something and I can find the article on my PC.

I have three emails because in this way I know what mail to expect from which site even the social networks. So when I get online I know that first I have to check my Gmail since it has to do with my blogs.

How do my days begin? Well first of all I check all of my emails. If it is a Monday I know that I not only have to prepare for my sites but I also have to be ready to blog. On usual Tuesdays, I spend half the day working on my content writing and so on through the week. Everything neatly recorded and everything in its place. If I organize just right I can even spend Sunday offline but then I would feel guilty for not checking up on my friends on Virily.  


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