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Only The Good Die Young

Another post with memories of my cat Sid and some other cats I have known in my life.

In the first paragraph, I was still living in Latvia.

Today’s song post features “Only the Good Die Young” a song by talented Billy Joel. The reason this song was on my mind today is because of my darling Sid. This cat plans on living forever because he is anything but good. Yesterday he drove me crazy because he couldn’t decide what he wanted. First, he ran up the stairs and then down the stairs. He asked to be let out and to be let in five minutes later. It took over a half-an-hour for him to finally settle down. I was ready to scream and then he just plopped down and went to sleep.

This second paragraph refers to three cats that belong to a very dear friend of mine who lived in Trumbull, Connecticut.

I do not agree with this statement though because I look upon myself as being good but God willing I plan on being in this world for at least another 20 years. This reminds me of an incident with another cat. I had a very good friend who always had three cats in his life. I had the pleasure of meeting his first three cats – Mary, Grace, and Amy. It was always Grace that was the naughty one. So one time she so exasperated me that I yelled at her the very first thing that came to my mind which was “One never knows for whom the bell tolls”. At that moment the clock on the fireplace mantle bonged the hour and poor Gracie got so spooked she dashed off and I didn’t see her until dinnertime.

Anyway in the picture, you see here Sid in one of his favorite sleeping positions.  As I said this cat made being naughty a career.  Here is that Billy Joel song.


What do you think?


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  1. Only the good die young is a classic Joel song. That and Piano man were the height os his power.

    the stranger is my favorite LP of his.

    Cats are interesting, dogs are more focused on the people around them, Cats are more focused on the world they aren’t currently in.


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