The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part X

Eric Stern stood in the manager’s office of the Motel, trying to memorise the information on the form, but didn’t have to. His new ‘boss’  Wagner. left it on the desk.

Eric couldn’t match the handwriting, saw an old typewriter and used it.

He was now Jack Morgan.

Eric debated changing the social security number, decided not.  He considered the consequences of his masquerade, the worst, embarrassment

.If he could pull off Jack Morgan he had a two week semi-vacation. Better than sleeping in his car and scrimping on meals.

He completed the application, balled up and tossed the original in the bin, making sure to tear off the signature, for there was no way he could copy that scrawl.

Amazingly, Wagner entered with two cups of coffee just as he’d gotten rid of ‘the evidence’.

Wagner was Impressed Eric had typed the application, he ran off his mouth for a while in the vein of ‘good old days.’

Coffee completed, it was now a walk about.

There were the rooms, the little restaurant, a few shops, the pool and the lake ahead. A life guard was on duty from nine to five, a groundsman from seven to three.

The restaurant opened at six thirty in the morning and shut at eight in the evening. The bar section opened at three p.m. until eleven.

Eric was introduced to the waitresses, shop attendants, then brought back to the office and directed to his room. It was a nice room. Clean and large with a television, phone, and private bath. He chuckled at his good fortune, though expecting the real Jack Morgan to stand up before sunset.—

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