The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part VIII

Eric Stern had driven from the City to the Lake, beginning just at dawn. He’d made good time and had entered the Motel he’d used before.

Strangely, the security guard told him he was ‘late’… which was complete Twilight Zone as he had made no booking, and told no one where he was going.

He parked in the area marked ‘Management’ since that is where he was directed after being told that Mr. Wagner was expecting him.

Eric had no idea who Mr. Wagner was, or why he was ‘expected’ so taking it for one of those ridiculous foul ups had walked into the office, fully expecting; “Who are you?”

That is not what happened.

Mr Wagner greeted him as if they were known to each other and said something about a ‘pile up’ on the Highway, and Eric, playing along tossed; “Tell me about it.” Knowing his remark could be taken in different ways and enjoying the farce.


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Written by jaylar

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