The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part II

Yesterday was Monday.

Eric Stern had had arrived home at his usual five forty to find himself in an empty apartment.

His wife, Anne, should just be placing the meal on the table, then calling their daughter, Heidi, from her room.

This was how it had always been.  But it was not like that yesterday.

Just a note;

“I have taken Heidi to the Caribbean

for three weeks. Look after yourself.”

He had thought it a joke.

Where would his wife get the money to take herself and their daughter to the Caribbean? Why had they left so secretively?

Nothing had warned Eric that on Monday morning, when he left for work, he would return to an empty house.

Yesterday evening he had come from work, sat in ‘his’ chair, holding the note, looking into space. At some point, he passed into sleep to awake at dawn, fully dressed, down to his shoes.

What had happened?

What do you think?

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