The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part 5

Eric Stern stood outside of the dental clinic and when it opened he made the pain sound worse than it was so as to be taken first.  As he had not been to a dentist for years, he would also have a substantive cleaning.

As an obvious by product, he arrived at work twenty minutes late. He assumed everyone agog that Eric Stern was LATE.

No one noticed.

As he sat at his desk he contemplated this ‘vacation’ his wife and daughter had taken. He decided it would be wise for him to also take a vacation. Three weeks of an empty house, of having to do his own laundry, cooking and cleaning was unbearable.

Better he went away.

Of course, he didn’t have the money to go to the Caribbean, and by the way, where was that?




Obviously Anne had not wanted to tell him.

He could not afford to fly anywhere, but he could drive up to the Lake.

Last year, he’d taken his family on vacation to Lake George, to a particular motor inn. He recalled other people, not guests, who would drive in for the day,  then out. He could do that too.

Perhaps he could sleep in his car.


He could drive up, park amid the guests, enjoy the lake, buy a meal or two,  sleep in his car, so as to get another day of pretend vacation.

The worst that could happen is that he’d be told to drive out and if forced, take a room. It was not that expensive. One small room for the night.

He could put it on the credit card. Yes. Perfect.


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Written by jaylar

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