Nothing Like Dripping Ice Cream Cones

Everyone loves ice cream during the summertime. When I was a child my mom loved to dress me in frilly dresses and big bows. She certainly wasn’t about to let me drip ice cream all over my dresses. So when I wanted ice cream she served it to me in a bowl or if from an ice cream truck then in a carton cup. However, I always longed to have ice cream on a stick or in a cone.

I promised mom to use lots of napkins and to be extra careful not to get dripping ice cream onto my dresses. Well, one time my mom was walking in the park with me and finally agreed to let me have ice cream in a cone. I was so happy as it was my favorite – a sugar cone. By the time the ice cream was gone I was wearing a huge chocolate grin and the front of my dress was entirely covered in dripping ice cream. It was the last time for a very long time that I got my ice cream served in a cone. But it was wonderful while it lasted.

Picture of me at three


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  1. ice cream is a childhood memory we all have. I remember getting more on me than in me.

    my grandfather used to take us by boat in our swimming suits to the ice cream place. I never understood why until I had kids. he would pull the boat to the swimming area, and we would swim to shore.
    no ice cream remained!


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