Not the Usual Story – 8

I began to plan my weekends with finesse.

I scoured the newspapers for events in nearby towns, or weekend seminars. I wanted to leave on Friday and not return until Sunday evening.

Although my first venture was in large part, a failure, as it was ‘go’ to ‘go’, my subsequent journeys were not. They were not an escape from an empty house, they were desired.

After a few weekends away, Bryan announced he wanted to spend the weekend doing a tour of museums in the city. He wanted us to go together as we had similar interests.

My excitement, my joy, my agreement was totally honest and real. That was a brilliant idea, one I should have thought of; not as a way to include Bryan, but as something I wanted to give myself.

We planned the way we’d travel, where’d we go, where we would eat, even a bit of shopping tossed in.


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