Not A Clue What You are Talking About

Currently, the way blocking works here is that you CANNOT see or comment on the post of the person you have blocked. This means that I CANNOT see what you write on your posts and I really don’t care to know. It should have absolutely nothing to do with me. 

Please stay away from my posts. I would truly appreciate it. It would be hard to have a reason or way to be involved and I truly have no desire. 

Honestly, the rest of the site is sick of it. I think they would be thrilled if we never talked to or about each other ever again. I think that would be best for everyone, everywhere. I am going to do that. You may have noticed I never even use your name and that was so you wouldn’t feel “called out”. Be done. Please let this be the last WORD.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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    • Well, it doesn’t work so there is no use. The purpose of blocking someone could be to prevent them from bullying and simply being mean spirited, or perhaps if they rant, use or have used inappropriate language, or if the intent seems to be to cause harm to someone’s person or reputation.

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