North Korea Suggested death penalty to US President Trump.

Piang Yank: North Korea official newspaper on insult of Kim Jong. American President Donald Trump, being deserved to be executed and called him coward person.

During Trump speech, Mr. Trump called Kim Jong as cruel traitor and fatty bona. In response North Korea’s official newspaper ‘Rudong Sunman’ criticized the US President’s on recent visit to South Korea, criticizing the South and North Korea’s border zone, on canceling his visit according to the foreign news agency. The newspaper further said that Mr Trump is a coward person

The newspaper criticized not to visit the North and South Korean border point by the US President and the trump administration in response issued an explanation that he did not visit the border because of the bad weather, that’s not true, but the fact is that the Donald Trump is a coward person, they do not have the courage to look at our soldiers in the eyes of the border.

It is clear that after taking over the presidency, US President Trump has criticized the North Korea’s leadership, which has been an individual’s behavioral attitude, which has led to increasing stress among the two countries.


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