New York man wins the $10 million grand prize playing lottery

Dale Ferrand, 73, went to a Cumberland Farms store in Fort Edward to purchase some Slim Jims for his dog Boots when he decided to  spend $10 dollars on one ticket of the $350,000 Cash Spectacular scratch off ticket since he could afford to take a chance on a lottery game that has a grand prize of $10,000,000 dollars.

Normally when a person buys a lottery ticket, they usually scratch the ticket at the venue where they buy the lottery ticket or they scratch the lottery ticket and or their auto.


Could you imagine the reaction of Dale when he found out that the scratch the lottery ticket made a winner of $10,000,000 millions dollars?I am sure we all would love to be the fly on the wall of the home where Dale and his family lives where the reaction of Dale winning $10, 000,000 million dollars, he and his relatives would be dancing their home a pretty dance.

Since Dale decided to take the lump sum of the $10,000,000 million dollar prize, he will receive a net total of $6,718,000 million dollars that will be used to pay off his mortgage, save money for his children and grandchildren and do some home repair work.

The interesting part of this story is that the higher the price one pays to buy a lottery scratch ticket, the higher the grand prize payout is the result.

I guess that Dale doing his dog Boots a favor by buying him some Slim Jims as his favorite snack made Dale a millionaire.

My hat is off to him and his family for winning the grand prize in the New York State Lottery recently.


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