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New York City Got a New Bridge

You know how excited I get when I hear or read that my hometown NYC has something wonderful going on. Well, now it has a new bridge which had a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a reception at night that included a Billy Joel tribute and a light show. How I would have loved to see that. This is the Kosciuszko Bridge which is open to commuters connecting the borough of Brooklyn to the borough of Queens.

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This is the first major bridge built in the city since the opening of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge back in 1964. That bridge was in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and I remember nights standing by a window in my parents’ apartment looking at the beautiful blinking lights on top of the Verrazano Bridge.

The Kosciuszko Bridge is a suspension bridge measuring 952 feet in length, has 56 stay cables and it has over 3000 tons of U.S. manufactured steel. This bridge will greatly help to keep the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from delays especially at rush hours. The bridge will also have a public space right underneath it. The new linear park will be called “Under the K” and it will give people access to the waterfront and will feature public art displays and also performances. This should be open by the summer of 2020,.

Do you note the date? Do you suppose that it really will open up this summer?


What do you think?


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