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New Project!

Every single person we bring to this site helps us all. So let’s work on being gracious hosts and members and invite the world to come to see what we are doing here. Let’s not leave any options untried.

If you are from a foreign country that has a different form of social media, share links there.  If you can add a link in your post to a different author so readers create relationships, we are more than a site we are a welcoming community. 

Much of what happens here is really up to us and our ability to help each other create great content and show each other support.

I don’t know if you have ever gone on a wander with Doc. When I go there, and I typically wait so my husband to join me I always see something interesting.  I also have to notice that there are very few comments. For someone who does so much for us, are we taking care of him?

I am committed to leaving the “what do I get for each action behind” and in 2020 turn it into what can I do to serve the community.  There are so many different points of view and talented people here. When we work as a community we simply can’t be stopped.

The welcome mat is out. Let’s be a great neighborhood where everyone wants to come.


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  1. I plan to share more of the post from here.
    I also plan to write more on the topic that might be not so popular here but have more reader outside, hope it could help to attract more people to visit Virily.

  2. thank you for the call out!!!!

    This is truly a great move towards a growing Virily. I do like your points and agree with everything you’ve said!

    Let’s share, comment and work together so that everyone can be successful!!!

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