New Jersey policeman saves the life of a homeless man

A homeless man who was taking a nap on a railroad track last Thursday is thankful that Perth Amboy Police Officer Kyle Savoia was in the area doing a work detail of checking if the train tracks were not tampered.

What Officer Savoia did was an act of a hero who took an oath to serve and protect the citizens of his community.

Officer Savoia who has six months of service with the Perth Amboy Police Department got the attention of the homeless man to get off of the train tracks since a train was coming in his direction.

Trains cannot stop on a dime when they see either an animal or human being on the train tracks despite the best efforts of the train engineer to avoid getting into an accident.

Officer Savoia managed to get the attention of the train engineer to stop the train so he could avoid hitting the homeless man who was on the train tracks.

The homeless man was able to get off of the train tracks just in time when the train did manage to stop a few feet away from hitting the man who most likely would be rubbed out by a train.

After the homeless man was able to get off of the train tracks safe and sound, he was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated by the medical staff for his close brush with death on the train tracks.

The homeless man was very grateful that Officer Savoia was in the area to warn him to get off the train tracks in the nick of time.

Based on the evidence of this incident, the homeless man was not attempting to end his life by getting hit by a train. The homeless man was just trying to take a nap at the time of the near death experience.

I just hope that people learn to trust policemen as your Guardian Angel. Even though not all law enforcement officers are angels since they are a few rotten apples in every bunch.


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