NetKing lost his Brain – 1

Airdog wrote a PM to Worf; “I’m blocking NetKing.”

Thirty years ago, when the Internet was not yet fully available, and they lived on BBS, they met. They met at a meeting of HackaStan; a club created for those who were into what would become Cyberspace.

They hacked because they could, not for nefarious purpose, just to do it, and they met and discussed various work arounds and places they had gone and other BBS.

They used nicknames and even now, thirty years later, although they knew each other, had attended weddings and advisory groups, they continued to call each other by their nicks.

Airdog, like Worf, had reached that level of retraction from NetKing because he had gone off into a twisted image of the world.

“It’s his wife.  She owns his brain.”  Worf typed.

“That’s his problem and he’s not going to make it mine.” Airdog responded

.“He doesn’t realise it…” Worf answered.

“Until he returns to sanity, he’s blocked.”

Worf could say no more on the topic.  He too had reached the level of disgust.


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Written by jaylar

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