Negative impact of cartoon series on kids

In previous era, cartoons were best source of education and training but now there is nothing except action and fight in cartoon series. Print media always discuss and focus on Doraemon cartoon series since Punjab assembly passed resolution against it. While except it, Chota Bheem, Burka Avenger should also ban. Kids always trying to follow stunts of Chota Bheem in home and even in class rooms. They throw pen and books towards each other like Burka Avenger.

Every cartoon series is dubbed in Hindi, that’s why our children mostly use Hindi words in their conversation which destroy our own language and culture. Most often phrases are:

‘sawagat hay (Welcome)’,  ‘mai apki kia sewa kru (What can I do for you)’, and lot of other similar words. Children insist to purchase such school bag, geometry box, lunch box and cardboard which are printed by their favorite cartoon characters.

Parents raise complaint that their kids refuse to go school in morning and ask then to bring a Doraemon to fulfill their homework. Due to such cartoons the element of disobedient is rapidly arise in children which is an alarming situation for us.

Govt. and PEMRA should ban such cartoon series which drag kids towards anarchy. PEMRA should regulate private channels to telecast only such programs which never spread negativity in our children and specially dub all cartoon series in Urdu instead Hindi.


What do you think?

Written by Moin Khan


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  1. It has always been like that since I was a kid. The Zionist media via Zionist networks has been corrupting and manipulating the public’s mind, especially young kids who watch a lot of TV, via MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL for a long time. Many videos on youtube have been exposing the Simpsons and the other cartoons with Stewie and Brian, and the rest, as predictive programming filled with dark symbolisms. It is no surprise that nowadays, as more and more people wake up, most people are on the internet and no one is really watching much TV. And, it appears that the TV networks are going downhill, God-Willing.

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