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A new day here on virily!Those of you following me have probably noticed that I am a lover of nature!Yes! I feel extraordinary in the middle of nature, I feel carefree, it’s a feeling I can’t really explain!Whenever I have the opportunity to leave home with my family, I feel an extraordinary emotion!Daily life, worries, needs make you feel like you need relaxation!Where you can relax better than in nature!Romania is a country with many forms of relief, having the possibility to go mountain, to the sea and we have a beautiful area “Danube Delta”Those who have not been able to go to Delta try to organize a family vacation for several days in the Danube Delta!It will definitely be worth this holiday!Regarding the nature and everything related to this aspect, it is drastic what happens to the forests in Romania!Unfortunately the authorities did not open their eyes to this aspect!More and more forested areas are disappearing every day!Our children will suffer because of this but it seems no one cares!It steals massively with good science and no planting of new seedlings is done!Unfortunately I say and Romania and her sons will suffer!We also have our share of the blame, not just those of us chosen to represent us!Colossal amounts revolve in the wood mafia!In the cities the representatives of the political parties make the green spaces, the trees disappear by replacing them with concrete areas, paved to the order of the above!In my city, for example, every two years, the curbs changeAt an area of 500 square meters one meter is left of the green area!The cities become areas full of concrete without greenery!The lack of green spaces is very much felt in the city!In fact, the climate has changed all over the world, the people are guilty!There would be more to say about this!I hope soon a lot of people will understand that forests and green areas provide us with a better climate!Dear friends, I will talk about this in another article!Thank you very much for your visits to my page and I wish you a fabulos virily♥ day!

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