My Higher-self Speaking to Me

Alright guys, I love to write flash fiction.  This is one of the stories, I have written.  I hope you enjoy it.

                                             My Higher-self Speaking to Me

I watched you as you gave your power away.  Just a little each day.  The amount was so small you did not notice it at all.  Until, the day came that you finally remembered, why you came.  But, on this day you also realized, throughout your lifetime you gave everything away.  There are only two things that you can do;  continue to give all your power away until you have nothing more to give, or take back the power, you gave away.

You can turn around and fight.  It’s never too late, to take back your power.  It’s still in your power and you can regain all that you are giving away.   After all it is a part of you.    But, you must be strong and fight for the return of your power.  Those that drew it from you are not going to give it up without a fight.  

You are strong; you have been all along.  That is why they drew the power from you.  You have journeyed a long way.   You know, what you have to do.  This power is a part of you. It’s time to call it home.   Time for it to return to where it belongs.   It is all up to you.  Only you have the choice to fight for your power to return home.  

If, that is what you choose to do, God and the angels will stand by your side. They will help you see it through.  After all it belongs to you.  Now, you must decide.

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