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My Findings and Thoughts on the New Virily Layout – a Thorough Report on Some of The Changes PT. 2

OK so, in the previous part, My Findings and Thoughts on the New Virily Layout – a Thorough Report on Some of The Changes PT. 1, I wrote about the new stuff that I noticed was implemented with the new Virily layout and changes, and there I mentioned that “…I understood there were just a couple of new things while the other stuff mostly stayed the same or just being rearranged…”, but they are not just rearranged, there are also some Serious Glitches that appeared with these changes like it happened with the first site change long ago so the photos in some of our old posts are still missing and that is not fixed since then which I hope won’t happen again with this change and the glitch that appeared with it (I wrote to the admin about it if they were not aware of it so we’ll see… :/), so now I will present you the old stuff that is Rearranged and some Glitches!!!…:

first…, I want to add something which I noticed today (could be it’s just a temporary glitch while changes are still in the process) and that is that the “Legend” status on our Profiles changed into “Newbie”…!  I know that the Profile Views (which I wrote about in the PT. 1) are counting from zero now like we are all new users (even though the other figures like the number of posts and comments beside it are saying the opposite) but not sure why would we be “Newbies” again…! 😐

the second thing I noticed here and was a little confused about are the Notifications …! Since I was there while the changes were happening, at first, all the notifications were in one place like usual… Then, at one point, the notifications with the number of Virils we earned disappeared and only the ones showing the upvotes and comments stayed… I thought it was a temporary glitch or a bug as part of the changes implementing process but no, it stayed like that so that made me worried a little bit but then I found the Virils page in the More section of the Profile Menu which shows all the Virils we earned as we earn them but I find this change a little impractical and now I will elaborate why…:

First, it does have some of its advantages since it was one of the things some members complained about earlier and asked notifications to be separated therefore easier to browse and answer but now there is a couple of other problems if you ask me… First, when someone upvotes our post we usually like to know if it’s only upvoted or the person also opened the post so in order to see that you have to open Another page (the Virils page) and search the notification with the same time as the upvote notification…! It wouldn’t be that much of a problem if all the other Viril notifications weren’t in the same place all mixed up…! What I mean is that since I’m opening a lot of posts or when we are receiving a lot of notifications or Virils and since we’re not able to delete any of those earned Virils notifications (on the Virils page) now, sometimes it can be hard browsing all those notifications to find the “matching” one…

For example…, like I wrote in the post I published three days ago, Thank You Post and Some Virily Info Could Be You Never Knew… 😉 (btw not sure why but I got a lot of views but ANY comments in that post), I’m currently opening all of your Quizzes and Polls I missed while I was away and giving you points that way since I still haven’t started being really active so I will start commenting and opening all the other posts later, so there is a lot of earned Virils notifications I receive on the Virils page for that which I can’t delete so sometimes if I want to find the specific notification it can be really annoying, because when all the notifications were on the Notifications page I was deleting all those notifications so it was easier to find the important ones

Also, now when I’m opening a lot of posts at the same time and there are no popping-up and top right corner notifications about the opened posts it’s hard to be sure if the post opened right, if you got Virils for it, to know how much more posts are left to open and not to lose track when you reached the opening posts limit unless you are constantly following what is going on on the Virils page at the same time and constantly reloading the page…! 😐

And even though the new look/design of the Notifications page looks very nice I have to say it looks a little confusing, at least for me, since there is not much difference in the font colors and size between the links and plain text, or I’m just not used to it… :/

the third thing is, actually ARE, Posts and Posts PAGES…!

One of the things I often mentioned above is the More section of the Profile Menu… THAT section is now important because it now contains several more options and sections of your Profile Menu so besides being able to see your posts in the Posts section of the main Profile Menu you are able to see them TOO under the Posts option placed in the More section of the Profile Menu…! 

Why is that important… Well one of the NEW problems and glitches that occurred with these changes is that some of us found that some posts are currently missing…!!!  Well, at least in ONE of the Posts pages…! Some posts are currently missing ONLY in the Posts section of the main Profile Menu while you can find ALL your posts under the Posts option of the More section of the Profile Menu..!

ALSO, on that page (the Posts page in the More section of your Profile Menu) you can find all your Approved, Pending and Drafts posts which all you are able to Edit, Delete and Report now…!

I just hope this problem will be solved and not left as the problem with the missing photos is, or hopefully all these new and old glitches will be fixed soon with these new changes that seem to still be happening on the site…

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  1. Thanks for your update. With your help, I was able to go back and delete an old post that had a broken link. Strangely, the “Edit” option doesn’t seem to be available on any of the posts where I embedded a link to a YouTube video. I can just repost. It’s better than having a link to nowhere.

    • Sorry for the late reply, I am having troubles managing everything…!
      I don’t know but seems it’s like that on all profiles now… But I have to admit that is the smallest problem comparing to some new very serious glitches that occurred with this new change…!!! 😐 Every time they change the site some new very serious glitches occur while never fixing them nor telling us anything about it…!!!!! >:|

        • Have you considered that the management does not know…? Well, quite often it happens when people take medicine, you don’t get told in New Zealand that if you take a type of medicine there are side effects and often the Doctors don’t tell you.
          It may be that to fix a problem the management don’t know how the changes will affect Virily as a web site.

          • Yes, I am already aware of such things… I did not because I wrote them about it all several times… I also wrote several articles about it and mentioned it several times… Unless they are not reading which of course also already occurred to me…

  2. I like the redesign. The font size is too small it hurts my eyes. I barely look at how much I earned. I always wait at the end of the month to know. I like it they separated virils count from posts published and commented upon.

    • Sorry for the late reply, I am hardly managing everything…!!! I like the redesign too but (as I now commented in the comment below) I don’t like the superficial approach…! – doing makeup while not fixing important issues – bugs – glitches and now making some very serious new ones no one is telling us anything about – like not receiving (50) Virils for commenting, missing posts, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:|

    • You are very welcome and sorry for the late reply…! I am so busy writing about these things that I’m hardly even managing answering to the comments in my own articles…! 😐 I like the new look and not having that much trouble about managing here although I don’t like there are always some new problems and glitches that come with such changes making even more difficulties with the functioning here…! That really annoys me especially that such things don’t EVER get fixed…! Now there is the new glitch with receiving Virils for commenting and I am currently really pi**ed off about it all, especially that admins are not answering nor telling us Anything about it…!!! >:|

  3. I’m totally confused and i don’t even know anything and i’m not burdened either .. after all they are gone … i don’t get virily … now when you open a post you don’t know if you got virly or not …

    • Oooh, welcome to my post…!!! 🙂 😉 You are welcome, glad it was helpful, you can do that the same way it was with drafts… – there are the horizontal three dots beside each post, just hover over it and the menu appears..

        • To add to the above – it also means that an edited post will appear on everyone’s “latest” list, which I’m not so sure about. I have corrected a typo in a post that I wrote a couple of days ago and it is now a new post! I suppose an advantage might be that posts from years ago could be given a new lease of life, though!

          • Yes, yes, that is what I meant at first…! – It does, I did editing of my newest posts and I also saw some other users’ edited posts appeared like that – they are already upvoted and commented…
            Yes, I agree with you, it is a nice thing in such terms but I also if a post belongs to a certain “group” (series) of posts which are posted so long ago there will be no order in them anymore… :/ 😐 But I like the idea since, like I wrote here, after the first site change many photos are missing in my old posts so if they don’t manage to fix that now I could try adding those photos again and post them again… You are right, some people maybe didn’t see them and don’t even know about such posts nor that I do art, photography and crafts too… :/)

  4. Norman put an interesting comment below, info that I maybe should have included in the text………:

    Norman Darlo: The virils page has always been there, and is a permanent record of how many virils we are earning, so it seems unlikely that we could remove some of the records from it.Report

    tasartcraft: Norman, I know it was always there but since they made these changes now maybe they could do some other or rearrangement now too…

  5. I have not used a new layout much still, but I love a new look. Still, I have no opinion on how it works because I just came back from vacation and have to look closer to Virily changes. Yeh, it is strange to see I am NEWBIE here, not a legend…

    • Well, if that number is not updating that is Another thing – mine IS updating so I didn’t forget……….! Could be it’s a temporary glitch and if it stays like that the best thing is to write to the admins about it…! In that case sorry for not understanding the actual problem, I thought you had problems finding the Earned Virils Points Page which I described here…

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