Muscle Cramps Medications and Mental Health Conditions

I know several people that took Flexeril that suffer from more than just muscle cramps. They have mental health conditions. All of the ones that I know that have taken this medication suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks even more. I am not saying this will definitely do this to everyone that takes it that has a mental condition. As soon as the doctor took them off od Flexeril some of there anxiety left them.

I just want to educate people that have mental conditions that also suffer from muscles spasm. I have heard of a rub or a spray that is natural that is for muscle cramps in the legs. I just want to give another option for people that need relief from muscle cramps and have mental health conditions.

I am not a doctor, so if you need more information about what I have just informed you about please contact your doctor for further information. Some people can tolerate this medication, while others seem very sensitive to it.

Other medications for muscle cramps may cause the tendency for the same type of reactions to happen. Just learn about all your options, and please tell your doctor if you feel more anxiety while on these types of medications.

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