Mountain – Castle Dar al

Mountain – Castle Dar al – Hajar is located on top of a mountain in the village of Wadi Dhar Souk Al Wadi, 15 km from Sana, the Yemeni capital. This building is so popular and attractive not only because of what it is, but as an example of the architecture. like palaces grows directly out of the rock on which it was built. Time when it was established Dar al-Hajar is unknown, but believed to have been built before the Islamic .Dar al Hajar has renewed and enlarged five floors Yemeni king, Imam Yahya as a summer residence in 1930.. Seven floors, where there is thirty-five rooms, several lounges and a large living . from the windows of this magnificent mansion on the picturesque valley Dhar. Today it is one of the symbols of Yemen.


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