Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat – the highest peak in modern Turkey, dormant volcanic cone covered 5,165 m high, is located in the northeast of Turkey, 16 km west of Iran and 32 km south of Armenia. Compact, Little Mount Ararat (3.896 m), rises from the southeast from the main peak. The lava plateau stretches between two peaks. Technically, Ararat is a , formed of lava flows and pyroclastic rocks. Ararat belongs to the Caucasus massif. Last activity of the mountain was a major earthquake in July 1840 centered around the Ahora gorge, northeast gulf that descends 1,825 feet from the top of the mountain. Although the mountain is in Turkey, Ararat is the national symbol of Armenia, which is sometimes called Masis, and was once Armenian territory until it fell under Turkish control about 1915


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