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It was built in 1912 by the Belgrade municipality in honor of the victory over the Serbian army and the Ottoman Empire  in the First Balkan War. Winners from designed by renowned sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The first was to be part of the Terazije fountain, however, after the First World War, the concept was abandoned because the public protest that sculpture a naked man at the center of the city. The intellectual elite stood in defense of Mestrovic’s work, stating that it marks the beginning of the struggle “against morality hipokrat in favor of the arts’ so that the Belgrade municipality decided that the monument winner moved to the Kalemegdan fortress insisting that naked, the front part of the monument, overlooking the marsh side across the Sava river. At the site where today stands the monument was the palace of Despot Stefan Lazarevic, the ruler of Serbia in the period from 1402 to 1427. As a very intelligent person who loved science and art, despot has formed a rich library and Belgrade turned into a Renaissance castle. The palace was destroyed in the late seventeenth century, the explosion of gunpowder warehouse.


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