Some Mistakes Can’t be Corrected

When Penny was eleven her parents were getting divorced. She wanted to be with her Daddy. She made her mother seem to be the worst person on Earth.

Her mother did not fight, her mother let Daddy have full custody.

Penny didn’t realise that her mind had been poisoned against her mother.  She didn’t realise that her father was a worthless chap who only wanted custody so as not to pay child support. Penny, the eleven year old Penny thought her Daddy loved her the most.

She learned that this was not true.

It was a long process.

Daddy told Penny it would be better if she stayed with Aunt Helen during the week, since she was closer to the school. Penny didn’t want to, but she had no choice. She was moved to Aunt Helen and lived in a house her Daddy rarely visited.

On Weekends she thought Daddy would come for her, but he’d sometimes pass, occasionally take her to buy KFC, but she stayed in Aunt Helen’s house. That is because, unknown to Penny, Daddy had moved his girlfriend, the one who caused the divorce, into her house.

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